The Human body in Number

37.2 trillion cells 200 different types of cells. 100 billion skin cells. 100 billion neurons in the brain. 60,000 thoughts per day. 60 million sensory receptors. 127 million retinal cells.

Allowing us to distinguish 10 million different colors. 1,000 olfactory receptors. Allowing us to distinguish 50,000 different smells. 6 litters (1.6 gallons) of blood. 42 billion blood vessels.

30 trillion red blood cells. 23,040 breaths per day. 115,000 heartbets per day. 640 muscles and 360 joints. 1,00,000 hair follicles. 100 hair strands are lost per day. 800 my of sweat produced per day.

206 bones in adults.  300 bones in children. Some bones in children fues together as they grow up.