What Music does to Your Body

Music activities certain regions in your brain.  Which are involved movement, planning, attention, learning and memory. It also releases a chemical in the brain called dopamin. Which improves your mood and reduces your anxiety. Dopamine also induces pleasure, joy and motivation. Music also brains memories back to the injured brain. It allows severly brain-injured patients to recall personal memories.

Musics also relives pain. Surgery patients who listen to music before, during or after their procedures. Show reduced pain scores, anxiety and need for pain relivers. And when surgeons listen to their favorite music.

Their surgical technique and efficiency become better. Chill-inducing music also enhances altruism in humans. The music that you enjoy listening to makes you nicer to others. And if you are a musician who enjoys playing an instrument. 

Your brain will fire symmetrically when you listen to music. And you corpus area in your brain will increase in size. Which is the area that connects the left and right hemisphere of the brain. Music is awesome!