COVID-19 cases are extremely rare among fully vaccinated people

COVID-19 cases are extremely rare among fully vaccinated people. CDC data analysis revealed that 99.992% of fully vaccinated people did not contract the COVID-19 disease. Only 5,800 out of More than 75 million fully vaccinated people became infected with the coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated. The analysis shows that less than 0.008% of fully vaccinated people have contracted a SARS-CoV-2 infection. Many of the infections occurred in older people. 

More than 40% of breakthrough infections reported by fully vaccinated people were in the people aged 60 and above. 65% of the people who reported a breakthrough infection were female and 29% were asymptomatic. The CDC is recording cases of people infection in fully vaccinated people especially those that are caused by SARS-CoV-2 variants. More than 75 million people in the US had been fully vaccinated. According to the CDC, symptomatic vaccine breakthrough cases will occur even though the vaccines are working as expected. 

Asymptomatic infections among vaccinated people also will occur. There's also some evidence that vaccination may make illness less severe. Most people in the US have received one of the mRNA vaccines developed by Moderna and Pfizer-BioNTch. Both vaccines have shown around 95% efficacy in Phase IIII clinical trials. Most than 5% of vaccinated people in the US have received the Johnson & Johnson adenovirus-based vaccine. 

The Johnson & Johnson vaccine has an efficacy of 72%. Commenting on the results, top US health advisor Anthony Fauci said that No vaccine is 100% efficacious or effective. COVID-19 vaccines are effective and are a very important tool to bring the pandemic under control. Vaccines may not lead to the desired effects in some people. This is mainly influenced by the condition of their immune system their health status, age, and medications they use.