Top 5 Habits that can harm your kidneys

Your kidneys do a lot for you, so it’s Top 5 Habits that can harm your kidneysimportant you keep them safe. Unfortunately, many people could be harming their kidneys without even knowing it simply by living their everyday lives. Here are the Top 5 habits that can harm your kidneys. The key function of your kidneys is to remove metabolic waste from your body and to regulate the production of red blood cells. To do this, your kidneys need water and they need a good amount of it. When you do not drink enough water, your blood concentrated and there is less blood flow to your kidneys. 

This hampers the ability of your kidneys to remove toxins from your body which can lead to man health problems. So, it is extremely important to drink adequate amounts of water to regulate the flow of fluids in your kidneys. Healthy adults should drink at least 8-10 glasses of water or fruit juice per day to keep the body well hydrated. However, remember that taking in too much water may also be hard on the kidneys. Therefore, you should avoid overdoing it. Remember, balance is key.  

Consuming too much salt is also bad news for your kidneys. Your kidneys are in charge of metabolizing 95% of the sodium absorbed through food. When the intake of salt is at a high level, your kidneys have to work harder to remove the excess salt. This may result in decreased kidney functions. Excess salt in your diet also causes water retention and increases your blood pressure. High blood pressure damages the kidneys over time and is a leading cause of kidney failure. Smoking wreaks havoc on your blood vessels, decreasing the flow of blood to your kidneys. 

It may even accelerate the loss of kidney functions and make existing kidney diseases worse. Studies have shown that there is a link between smoking and diseases related to kidneys. In fact, smoking is one of the leading causes of end-stage renal disease and kidney failure. Kidneys help your body filter out harmful substances, including alcohol. So when you drink heavily, your kidneys are under a lot of pressure. Consuming alcohol on a regular basis can cause damage to your renal system. 

Alcohol is extremely dehydrating, and an excess level in your body can cause your organs to be inadequately hydrated and hamper their performance. Alcohol is also a cause of liver disease, which in turn interferes with the regulation of blood flow to the kidneys. Painkillers are prescribed regularly to help with countless issues, but taking too many painkillers can damage your kidneys. 

Over-the-counter painkillers such as aspirin reduce the blood flow to your kidneys. These drugs are also directly toxic to the kidney tissue, damaging its function. Each year 3% to 5% of new kidney failure causes are caused by the overuse of these painkillers. 

These are just a handful of kidney-damaging habits. There are many other lifestyle habits we don’t realize are damaging our kidneys such as living an inactive lifestyle and not eating a balanced diet. Try your best to avoid these habits in order to keep your kidneys healthy. You’ll save yourself from a lot of troubles in the future if you do!