The Remarkable Bond Between the Mother and Her Baby

The bond between the mother and her baby is truly remarkable. While in the womb, babies begin learning language from their mother. Babies learn to recognize different words while still in the womb. And after birth, they will still remember some of these words. And even distinguish between their mother tougue and other languages. Fetuses may also respond their their mother's touchby displaying more movements as a way of communication.

The bond extends beyond language and communication. When the mother's heart is injured. Stem cells from the fetus  migrate to the injured site and repair the damage. Male babies leave traces of their DNA in their mother's brain which likely protect the mother from Alzheimer's disease. Hormones and natural steroids are produced during pregnancy to help support the growing baby which can temporarily cure the mother from some chronic conditions including a skin condition called psoriasis. 

The mother's immune system is also suppressed during pregnancy to protect the baby from rejection by the mother's immune system. Suppressed immune system helps mother's suffering from autoimmune disease. Such as arthritis, multiple sclerosis and lupus. Antibodies travel from the mother to her baby through the placenta and breastfeeding which boosts the baby's immune system before and after birth. 

And protect the baby from deadly bacteria and viruses. Mother develop a strong sense of smell during pregnancy which act's as a baby's defense mechanism. It stops the mother from ingesting food that is harmful to the baby or herself. And after the baby is born. Breast milk customized according to the sex of the baby.

The nutritional values are different depending on the baby's needs. Brains of the breast-feeding moms are more responsive to their crying babies than those mothers who don't breastfeed their babies. This is due to increased levels of a hormone called oxytocin mothers which strengthens the bond between mothers and their babies.


  1. Nature relationship mother with son. How is beautiful nature. I love it.


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