New medical gun can help treat burns and serious injuries.

Scientists develop Spider-Man-style medical gun that sprays web onto wound. The device heals wounds with special nanofibers. The company behind the new "Spincare Wound Care System" said the device allows patients to move freely. No painful traditional wound dressings and bandage are required either. The medical device is a portable, battery-powered system that shoots polymeric electrospun healing fibers out in a spider-style web that covers wounds. This process would accelerate skin regeneration. The company said that the new technology has characteristics that outperform all traditional wound care methodologies.

The technology can treat a wide range of wounds and injuries and allows patients to continue their lives while they heal. Electrospinning creates nanofibers using electricity. The technology has been used in the medical field for many years. But according to the company, the new device is a lot smaller and more portable than previous solutions. The solution is already available in 12 countries. The product is being used for treating facial injuries and also to help diabetic patients suffering from foot sores. 

Electrospinning is a process that produces nanofiber webs by applying a high voltage charge to a polymer solution. Electrospinning can also be used to design fibrous drug delivery systems. This is achieved by adding a drug substance into the electrospinning solution or melt. Technologies using 4D bio-printing and 4D skin grafts have been able to heal wounds in weeks instead of 6 months. 4D printing is a more nuanced procedure. Experts say that skin spay is more likely to replace traditional bandages than 4D bio-printing.